Why rent a battery inverter ?

Why rent battery-inverter, if same can be bought in cash or on emi ?

This is legitimate question: why one shall rent battery-inverter when same can be bought in cash and same is also available on emi.

For those who can afford to buy it in cash or on emi; the differentiating factor is not financial—-rather, it is non-financial which are as follows :

1. Limited Life of Battery

Batteries have limited life span, regardless of brand name. Hence no matter how much you have paid for the battery; or how famous a brand is; you must replace it within few years.

2. You buy batteries again and again

Due to limited life span of batteries, you have to replace it every few years. Hence you spend a large sum of money every few years. So effectively, you are paying a large sum of money (or RENTAL in advance for several months) to use it.

3. Warranty Claims

Have you ever experienced the situation: the warranty period was about to expire. You claimed your warranty, just before the expiry of warranty period. The service center blamed your inverter for non-performance. Then you messed up with inverter and you discover that inverter is working fine. But, by the time, warranty period is over! Now, your warranty claim is being rejected, because your warranty period has elapsed……Only option you are left with is to buy a new one.

4. Maintenance of Battery

Though, today’s technology has improved and Low-Maintenance Tubular Batteries are in the market. But, please pay attention : They are “Low-Maintenance” not the “ZERO-Maintenance”. These low-maintenance batteries still requires maintenance. Hence one need to pay attention to the batteries from time-to-time.¬†But, individuals hardly have any time for batteries until they fail.