Stay Slim, No Lump Sum Expense

No lump sum expense. Enjoy the power back-up and pay usage charge as you do with any other utility.


Stay cool this summer. Don’t stress yourself in compulsion to buy Battery-Inverter set for your home.

Enjoy your life to fullest

Enjoy your life to fullest. Be focussed to your profession. Power back-up is our responsibility.

peace of mind

make family happy


Electricity is an essential commodity of modern age. At the same time, power supply disruptions are common in our country. These disruptions, makes  our life uneasy in today’s world. Everyone need an UPS system to cope with power disruptions of short duration.


On top of this, UPS systems are costly for many of us. Hence, many of us makes excuses so that our family members may stop insisting for an UPS.


We, KHUSHILAL POWER GENERATION LLP, will provide you the UPS [Battery with inverter-cum-charger] on rental basis. This will save you from a lump sum expense. This will bring you peace of mind.

feel the uninterrupted power

Have you ever faced the problem of low battery of your mobile pone. You were to make an urgent phone call and at the same time, there is power failure. It’s disgusting. All problems are at the same time. You didn’t know what you should do.


Do you remember last time, you had some guest at your home and outside temperatures were high. You and your guest were having food together and suddenly power failed. It was notorious.


You have your house surrounded by other building from all the three direction. No air, no light even in day time. How do you feel whenever power fails.


These short-term power disruptions can be addressed using UPS. Come, join hands with us for disruption free life.